Wisconsin Athletic Club - Brookfield, wi

General Contractor: Briohn Building Corporation

Providing hvac service & maintenance for over 30 years

Conditioned Air Design, Inc. has been servicing the Wisconsin Athletic Club’s locations for over 30 years now. They take value in quality HVAC service and realize no business can afford a catastrophic HVAC system failure. Our preventative maintenance catches failing equipment before it causes any major damage, increases system efficiency, and ultimately saves you money on repair costs and utility costs.

When the Wisconsin Athletic Club made the move into their new location in Brookfield they knew only one company could handle their HVAC system design and installation.

The new 60,000 square foot fitness club is the largest of their seven facilities, features an indoor/outdoor aquatic center with three pools, a whirlpool, a kid’s pool with water features, and an outdoor deck for entertaining.

No expense was spared in the fully-equipped location, with a cycle studio, two large fitness studios, training area with cardio and strength equipment, and locker rooms with steam rooms.

Whether you’re looking for a HVAC service provider to oversee your multiple business locations, or making the move to a bigger facility and need HVAC design and installation, Conditioned Air Design, Inc. is the right choice.


Glenn Rieder - West Allis, WI

General Contractor: Berghammer Construction

Large scale HVAC design for new construction

Glenn Rieder manufactures architectural millwork and custom interior finishes such as canopies, vanities, and door frames for business like hotels, casinos, and other commercial applications.

When they made the move into their new larger location, they needed an HVAC mechanical contractor that had experience designing and installing for new, large scale, manufacturing conditions.

The new 120,000 square foot building provides a more efficient production layout and more amenities for their employees.


Foxconn - Mt. Pleasant, WI

General Contractor: Opus Design Group

HVAC design for the biggest projects

Out of all the quality contractors working in the Foxconn project it is no surprise that Conditioned Air Design, Inc. is one of them.

We provide top HVAC design & service for small local businesses and multinational corporations because our quality work stays quality work no matter how major or small the job is.

We are proud to have been able to install the HVAC system for Foxconn’s 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Some of the work included a 280 ton cooling and humidification system.


Trusted Media Brands, Inc - Milwaukee, WI

General Contractor: Campbell Construction

A smart choice with conditioned air design

Formerly known as the Reader’s Digest Association, the now Trusted Media Brands group was moving from their old location in Greendale to downtown Milwaukee.

Their new offices needed HVAC systems to accommodate their 200 employees. We were able to install 16 gauge black iron welded ductwork in the lower level of the roughly 54,000 square foot facility. Included was exhaust hubs for their updated kitchen area.

The move lets Trusted Media Brands better attract employee prospects, while housing the company’s many brands like Taste of Home, Birds & Blooms, Country, Country Woman, Farm & Ranch Living and Reminisce.


russ darrow honda - Milwaukee, wi

General Contractor: Professional Consultants, Inc.

complete hvac system design & installation

When the Russ Darrow Auto group decided to move and expand to new facilities, they knew Conditioned Air Design, Inc. was the best choice for the job. Both their Honda and Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram dealerships will enjoy a new home at the Metro Auto Mall, in immediate proximity to other dealerships in the area.

Their two new buildings will be composed of 63,000 square feet of space and feature state-of-the-art facilities.

The new showrooms will also feature new technology, including touchscreens and monitors to make the new car shopping experience easier and more user friendly.

heating & air conditioning comfort at the dealership

With our experience in installing thousands of HVAC systems we were able to work tirelessly to meet the needs of the Russ Darrow Group. The new dealerships will feature all around new rooftop units, sheet metal ductwork throughout the 63,000 square feet space, and a fully-equipped HVAC system capable of handling the heavy non-stop traffic they expect to receive once the new locations are open.

It is clear that when expanding your business, every decision is an investment. Make an investment in your HVAC design and installation with Conditioned Air Design, Inc.


Raised Grain Brewing Co. - Waukesha, WI

General Contractor: Bevara

Heating & Air Conditioning design for new location

Ever since Raised Grain Brewing Co. opened their doors the demand has been spectacular. Like every growing business we work with they needed to accommodate all the pouring customers and we were more than happy to help.

We were able to design and install the HVAC systems at their new location, where they doubled their capacity from 99 to 200 people. The new location offers leather seating, a professional kitchen, and widescreen TVs and projectors tuned to every Wisconsin sporting event.

It was clear that they had the comfort of their patrons and employees in mind, and that is why they chose Conditioned Air Design, Inc.

DUCTWORK installation FOR fully-equipped COMMERCIAL KITCHEN

Early on Raised Grain Brewing Co. had a food truck to accommodate their beer loving customers, however that soon found itself too small for the immense traffic they were receiving.

Conditioned Air Design, Inc. has decades of experience working in commercial kitchens, thanks our partnership we were able to install all the ductwork for their new fully-equipped professional kitchen.

They now are able to serve pizzas, deep fried foods, and smoked meat sandwiches at an incredible capacity for daily visitors and even accommodate large scale events.

Norco Manufacturing - caledonia, wi

General Contractor: Berghammer Construction

Commercial HVAC Design & Solutions

The new Norco Manufacturing plant in Caledonia, WI manufactures airplane hangar and industrial door systems. Our HVAC design and installation runs through their 126,000 square foot manufacturing building and offices.

The $8 million dollar building required a variable air volume design to provide constant airflow.

No matter how complex your commercial application is, you can count on Conditioned Air Design, Inc. to be able to provide experienced HVAC design at a reliable time schedule.


PABSt BREWERY Boiler house no. 10

retrofitting a historical building

Built in the 1870s and closed down in 1996, the Pabst Brewery sat vacant for more than 10 years before it was purchased. The new owners had plans to turn the building most commonly referred to as the Pabst Boiler House No. 10 into a full boutique office property.

Conditioned Air Design, Inc. was brought down to design and install the HVAC system of the old building to bring it up to par with other luxury office buildings in the downtown area.

top of the line HVAC installation

The work included a 80 ton variable air ventilation system and an underground parking structure.

Shortly after it was finished, the 40,000 square foot brick-and-timber building achieved one hundred percent occupancy.