Commercial HVAC Design & Installation

decades of experienced HVAC design

We have the experience to design and install for every building imaginable. Our team has pretty much seen and worked with it all. Whether you need a complex layout with special considerations for a manufacturing facility or need to adapt to a historic building’s layout while keeping the design efficient, we can handle it.

With our design team we have the capabilities to answer your design & installation needs no matter the difficulties in your project.

the most flexible team in the area

The flexibility in our work simply can’t be matched by our competitors. Whatever your need we can quickly adapt to new requests or problems. We are a smaller team that can handle big complex jobs without having to slow down or be plagued by inefficient work practices. No matter what your building looks like we can adapt to fit your needs.

Efficient Drafting

By working with our designers your architect will have the benefit of being freed from hours of working out the details. With a simple statement we can work out the requirements needed. We are experienced with the local ordinances and governing codes that dictate the criteria requirements. We can get you the initial design back quickly for review and approval.


Fast Estimates

Top of the line quotes

We spare no expense in the tools we use for your business. Utilizing QuoteSoft software we can calculate fabrication, installation, and material cost fast and accurately. It allows us to automatically calculate the labor hour and material costs for rectangular, round, and oval ductwork, accessories, and HVAC equipment.

With all the metal pounds, costs, square feet, and labor calculated in a single click we can complete estimates for complex jobs in tight deadlines.

top of the line computer aided design

Our AutoCAD software allows us to save time, effort, and reduce manufacturing costs.

We can make revisions and changes easily and quickly allowing us to change designs to your needs. Our speed cannot be matched by manual drawings and the precision delivered by AutoCAD ensures we have accurate dimensions in our work.



Historical Buildings




Expert Engineers

experts in Old and New Construction

We have designed and installed over a thousand HVAC systems in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, many of them new company headquarters or locations and many renovated historical buildings with a rich history in the area.

For new and old construction we are well equipped to handle all the design problems that come with large projects.

We have experience designing & installing heat pumps, roof top units, chillers, furnaces, radiant heating systems and many more!

We make a plan for everything

We take every single detail of your project into consideration when designing your HVAC system. From the proper tonnage and specifications to the various sources of heat generation inside the building, our engineering team has the experience to adjust to it.

We even take account of the size and position of the sun in your windows! Everything matters when designing an HVAC system and we take every precaution to make sure your design is as efficient as it can be.


Custom HVAC Systems

Specialized HVAC systems for you

We take into account your building’s architectural and engineering requirements to provide you with the most efficient system.

No business is the same and no building is the same. While our competitors take a cookie cutter approach we take the time and dedication to learn what your business truly needs.

The way we do our work provides you with top quality service and maximum cost savings with increased HVAC efficiency.


Custom Design


Custom Installation


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Fast Design, Installation, & Fabrication

we value your time

At Conditioned Air Design, Inc. we appreciate your business and respect your time. Which is why our estimates get back to you faster than the competition. Our team is all in the same building, feet from each other and our relationship is all about communication. With the well oiled machine that is our design team we can meet and even beat deadlines. Call us today!

Rapidly growing

Ever since our founding we have been expanding steadily every year. We have moved facilities numerous times to keep up with the growth, and are still expanding! We continue to upgrade our equipment and infrastructure to this day. From machines to software to personnel we are rapidly expanding and welcome you to be part of our business. Our enterprise brings in over 10 million a year and counting!