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Quotes In Hours, Fabrication in Days

We understand that in important installations, many times you don’t have time to wait 3 days or a week on a part to arrive. You need fabrication as soon as possible to continue working, which is why Conditioned Air Design, Inc. is proud to provide some of the fastest sheet metal fabrication in the area. Not only is our fabrication fast, but so are our quotes. Your time and business matters to us, which is why we’re focused on getting you quotes and parts as soon as humanly possible.

Increased Performance

Outperforms the competition

Our custom ductwork will outperform standard ductwork from wholesalers or less equipped shops. With our custom fabrication you can enjoy faster heating & air conditioning, reduced air leaks, reduced difference in temperatures between rooms, better air volume, and even better air distribution.


Reduced Air Leaks


Faster Heating


Meets & Exceeds Standards

Improved Energy Efficiency

most energy efficient fabrication in the area

With the incredibly fast technological developments we experience in modern times, energy efficiency requirements change frequently. Which is why we take our energy efficiency fabrication methods so important. We make sure every custom duct fabricated is top quality, free of defects, and meeting regulatory standards to further improve your building’s HVAC system’s efficiency. Whether it’s a new installation or a retrofit into an old system, we can always improve upon it with our duct fabrication methods.

Custom Fit Parts


One of the main advantages of our custom fabrication is the fact that we can make it specifically to your system’s needs. Many times, especially in old or historical buildings you need to adapt to non-standard layouts. We specialize in not only designing the better HVAC plan for your building but also fabricating custom sized ducts for your system. No building is the same and no ductwork is the same. A one-size-fits-all approach will not provide the best HVAC efficiency you can have.


Precision Cut


Computer Assisted





Cost Savings

Save on design, installation, and fabrication

With all of our efficiency focused design and installation techniques, from our smart engineering to our conscious fabrication we can ultimately save you thousands in cost savings over time. One of the biggest savings you can make in your building is from reduced utility costs over time.

Along with the potential reduction in utility costs, our custom fabrication can accommodate any sized budget for a truly custom approach to your project.